Lexington Alimony Lawyer

Controversies over appropriate levels of alimony can bring an otherwise simple divorce to a screeching halt — unless a skilled family lawyer can step in with strategies for resolving them by effective mediation or negotiation.

In Lexington, Kentucky, the experienced divorce and family law attorney you want on your side during discussions of alimony, spousal support and maintenance is Lisa L. Johnson.

At the law office of Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, our founder brings more than 25 years of successful representation and personal service to support of your goals. She is highly familiar with the many factors that courts examine when determining appropriate levels of alimony, spousal support or maintenance after your divorce.

Have you found yourself in the middle of a sudden, unfortunate change of circumstance, such as a lost job or serious illness that requires expensive medical care? Are you seeking a post-judgment modification of alimony obligations until you are on your feet again, financially or physically? Do you suspect that the spouse you are divorcing is incorrectly stating his or her income during these discussions?

No matter where your alimony goals take you — before, during or after divorce — Lisa L. Johnson is right alongside, providing wise guidance and solid support throughout the process.

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