Lexington Child Custody Lawyer

Traditionally, the "red flag" or "hot button" issue in any divorce — even those intended to decide ownership of significant assets — is which former spouse will retain custody of a child or children, and who will be the noncustodial parent receiving parenting time.

Experienced Lexington divorce and family law attorney Lisa L. Johnson skillfully handles all matters relating to child custody during your Kentucky divorce, including parenting time and modifications to parenting time provisions in the event of a parental relocation.

Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney At Law — Providing Practical Solutions, Personal Service For Child Custody Issues

When our compassionate lawyer puts her more than 25 years of successful service behind your child custody goals, you immediately receive these advantages, beginning with your initial consultation:

  • In-depth knowledge of Kentucky family law, as it addresses custody and visitation matters
  • Dedication to the concept of "the best interest of the child"
  • A willingness to listen to you and supply you with facts that can lead to sound decisions
  • Individualized attention to your questions and concerns throughout the process
  • Effective strategies for mediation, negotiation or litigation of your objectives
  • Postdivorce counsel for any custody modifications needed in advance of a parental relocation outside the state

The vast majority of productive outcomes for a couple's custody discussions are mediated, as opposed to the often tense setting of a courtroom. Lisa L. Johnson can represent you in mediation, working hard to find common ground that promotes a spirit of cooperation, and minimizes the potential negative emotional impact of divorce on a child.

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