Lexington Grandparents' Custody/Visitation Attorney

Courageous grandparents often "step up" to obtain custody of grandchildren whose birth parents have abdicated their parental responsibilities.

Are you a Kentucky grandparent who has questions about grandparent custody and visitation?

Experienced Lexington family law attorney Lisa L. Johnson, founder of the law firm of Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, has 30 years of experience as a lawyer who can benefit you.

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Seeking Beneficial Solutions To Your Family Law Concerns

Lisa L. Johnson can aggressively advocate for your right to help raise a child whose biological parents have died, have been in trouble with the law, or have generally abused or neglected a young son or daughter.

Our law office's founder listens carefully to your wishes and goals, thoroughly prepares your case in the event that it goes to court, and generally protects your position in situations where "the best interest of the child" should be seriously considered.

Lawyer Offering Practical Solutions, Personal Service To Kentucky Grandparents

We work hard to make your introduction to our "grandparent" practice area an informative one. If your grandchild is not receiving the upbringing that he or she needs, we urge you to call or email the Lexington law office of Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law.

We can be reached at 859-554-4691, or email us for an appointment to discuss your concerns in person.