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April 2018 Archives

As divorce mediation gains popularity, you may have questions

When the rate of couples ending their marriages hit its peak, many of them decided that the traditional, adversarial system no longer served their purposes. They began to look for and utilize less contentious methods that provided them with the opportunity to not only avoid costly courtroom battles, but also to create their own settlements that better fit their needs. One of these methods is divorce mediation, and if you face divorce here in Kentucky, you may need some questions answered before you agree to participate.

Sometimes, the only way to save a relationship is through divorce

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett recently decided it was time to end her marriage to Hank Baskett. Like many Kentucky residents, the former Playboy model admits that taking this step is difficult, but often necessary. Since Kendra and her future former husband have two children together, going ahead with the divorce may be one way in which they can save their parenting relationship.

How not to approach child custody as a competition

By the end of a marriage, many Kentucky couples subconsciously enter into an atmosphere in which they are pitted one against the other. The divorce becomes more of a competition to see who "wins" regardless of the issue. This approach is not healthy for either party, and is certainly not healthy for the children. When it comes to child custody issues, making it a competition only ends up hurting the children -- not just in the short term, but in the long term as well.

Divorce mediation can help with a different kind of custody

Many Kentucky couples have pets that are like children to them. Their pets are an important part of the family, and when one of those couples decides to end their marriage, the fate of the family pet can easily become a source of contention. Fortunately, divorce mediation could help come to an agreement regarding the "custody" of this important part of the family.

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