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July 2018 Archives

Frozen embryos remain a complex part of property division

Many Kentucky couples who want to wait to have children or who cannot have children "the old fashioned way" freeze embryos for later use. If they remain married, they may use them when they are ready to become parents. If they divorce, the ownership of those embryos becomes a complex part of property division.

Could divorce mediation be the best option?

Kentucky couples no longer have to rely on traditional litigation in order to resolve their marital issues. In the past, judges decided how property would be divided, who would get custody of the children and how much support a spouse receives, if any. Now, the parties can use divorce mediation to create their own agreement.

Did Hulk Hogan defy his high asset divorce settlement?

For anyone in Kentucky who is a fan of wrestling, Hulk Hogan may be a household name. After spending years in the spotlight, he and his ex-wife Linda reached a divorce settlement back in 2009. Now, the former Mrs. Hogan claims that her husband is in violation of their high asset divorce settlement.

Kentucky updates child custody laws to reflect modern parenting

Although parenting in modern times has allegedly become more equitable, many parents, especially fathers, still feel at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody matters. In many cases, one parent (usually the mother) is still given primary custody and the other is relegated to scheduled visitation.

Parallel parenting may be the better option for some parents

Not every Kentucky couple can work together after a divorce. Sometimes, the anger and hurt remain so strong that the parties have a difficult time being in the same room together even though they recognize that the children need to spend as much time with each of them as possible. In these cases, parallel parenting may provide a way through these challenges.

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