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A property division checklist can keep track of all assets

There is a lot at stake when going through a divorce. As such, many divorcing couples focus their immediate attention to matters of property division. There is a simple reason for this, as all hope to get their fair share of marital assets in the eventual settlement.

3 reasons mediation is important for high-asset divorces

You and your spouse decided it's time to separate for good, but you know that if you don't handle your property division correctly, you could end up with much less than you deserve. You don't want to go through months or years of litigation and fighting in the courts, but you don't know what else would work.

Stay-at-home parents: Don’t downplay your marital contributions

Staying at home to raise your children and take care of the home can feel like a privilege, a sacrifice or an inevitability, depending on your situation. But regardless of how you feel about staying home, in the event of a divorce, it can feel like a disadvantage.

Three problems with do-it-yourself divorce

Divorce is a transition from a partnership back into single life. Whether this decision is amicable or not, emotional upheaval is likely. Those that find themselves attempting to navigate through this process may succumb to the temptation to do it themselves. This is not always wise.