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It may help to take these steps prior to divorce mediation

Even though you and your future ex-spouse agreed to keep things friendly as you end your marriage, you may still want to make sure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement. You may believe that divorce mediation will accomplish that goal by itself. However, without taking certain steps prior to beginning negotiations, you could still end up losing out on receiving everything to which you may be entitled under Kentucky law. 

Keeping the financial future in mind during divorce mediation

Ending a marriage comes with numerous emotions. One of them often revolves around fear of how the financial future will look after the divorce. Fortunately, Lexington residents going through divorce mediation can keep this all important factor in mind as they negotiate a settlement.

Divorce mediation can help create a court-approved settlement

Nowadays, more Kentucky couples are bypassing the traditional adversarial court process when ending their marriages. Instead, they work together to reach a mutually satisfying settlement on their own. Many such couples turn to divorce mediation not only for help in structuring their settlements, but also to help ensure that the agreement ultimately meets with the court's approval.

Post-divorce mediation can resolve disputes arising from judgment

Many Kentucky couples have saved money and time by reaching settlement agreements out of court. Divorce mediation may have become the preferred option for couples who want to avoid courtrooms where one will typically be the loser. However, there is no guarantee that disputes will not arise in the years following a divorce -- particularly if there are growing children to consider.

Divorce mediation might even resolve high-conflict divorces

While divorce in Kentucky is typically a complicated process for any couple, some can be more challenging than others -- particularly if one of the spouses is a narcissist. When divorcing a high-conflict personality, all the avenues for peaceful negotiation and divorce mediation might not be easy to navigate. The word sometimes used to describe a divorce in such circumstances is toxic.

Prime ways to save money during a divorce

Even with an improving economy, it is more important than ever for divorcing parties to think critically about how they spend money in dissolving their unions. Most people already know that divorce can be expensive, especially when children are involved. So those motions you want to file to keep your ex-spouse honest could have a significant effect on your ability to maintain a decent standard of living for you and your children.

What makes divorce mediation such a popular choice?

Many people who face impending divorces are overwhelmed by the prospect of litigation and the trauma often associated with divorce trials. In a situation that is already stressful, anticipating a courtroom battle can be overwhelming. However, more and more divorcing couples nationwide, including in Kentucky, choose the less daunting option of divorce mediation. This typically allows the parties involved to make the best decisions for their unique situations.