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A prenuptial agreement could save time during divorce mediation

Ending a marriage these days does not have to involve contentious courtroom proceedings. Kentucky couples can take measures to make sure that they do not end up in that position should their marriages end. In fact, between a prenuptial agreement and divorce mediation, a couple may cover all of their issues without having to go to court.

Could divorce mediation be the best option?

Kentucky couples no longer have to rely on traditional litigation in order to resolve their marital issues. In the past, judges decided how property would be divided, who would get custody of the children and how much support a spouse receives, if any. Now, the parties can use divorce mediation to create their own agreement.

2 tax benefits divorce mediation could provide in 2018

Some Kentucky residents may believe that 2018 is flying by. As the month of June rapidly comes to a close, couples contemplating ending their marriages may be looking for a way to finalize their issues before the end of the year since some of the tax benefits that divorcing couples used to take advantage of disappear after Dec. 31. Using divorce mediation could help those couples come in under the wire instead of waiting for their cases to make it through the court system.

Keeping finances in check with divorce mediation

Money is often a point of contention for married couples. At some point, most Kentucky couples disagree regarding finances, and some of those disagreements move into the courtroom during a divorce. One way to help keep finances in check when a marriage ends could be to use divorce mediation instead of battling it out in court.

As divorce mediation gains popularity, you may have questions

When the rate of couples ending their marriages hit its peak, many of them decided that the traditional, adversarial system no longer served their purposes. They began to look for and utilize less contentious methods that provided them with the opportunity to not only avoid costly courtroom battles, but also to create their own settlements that better fit their needs. One of these methods is divorce mediation, and if you face divorce here in Kentucky, you may need some questions answered before you agree to participate.

Divorce mediation can help with a different kind of custody

Many Kentucky couples have pets that are like children to them. Their pets are an important part of the family, and when one of those couples decides to end their marriage, the fate of the family pet can easily become a source of contention. Fortunately, divorce mediation could help come to an agreement regarding the "custody" of this important part of the family.

Divorce mediation could help ease the trauma for children

No matter how much Kentucky parents attempt to shield their children from the breakup of a marriage, it will affect them. Each child deals with the situation differently, but each also goes through some degree of trauma when their parents go their separate ways. Divorce mediation may help ease the inevitable transitions coming in the near future.

It may help to take these steps prior to divorce mediation

Even though you and your future ex-spouse agreed to keep things friendly as you end your marriage, you may still want to make sure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement. You may believe that divorce mediation will accomplish that goal by itself. However, without taking certain steps prior to beginning negotiations, you could still end up losing out on receiving everything to which you may be entitled under Kentucky law. 

Keeping the financial future in mind during divorce mediation

Ending a marriage comes with numerous emotions. One of them often revolves around fear of how the financial future will look after the divorce. Fortunately, Lexington residents going through divorce mediation can keep this all important factor in mind as they negotiate a settlement.

Divorce mediation can help create a court-approved settlement

Nowadays, more Kentucky couples are bypassing the traditional adversarial court process when ending their marriages. Instead, they work together to reach a mutually satisfying settlement on their own. Many such couples turn to divorce mediation not only for help in structuring their settlements, but also to help ensure that the agreement ultimately meets with the court's approval.

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