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Divorce mediation might even resolve high-conflict divorces

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News

While divorce in Kentucky is typically a complicated process for any couple, some can be more challenging than others — particularly if one of the spouses is a narcissist. When divorcing a high-conflict personality, all the avenues for peaceful negotiation and divorce mediation might not be easy to navigate. The word sometimes used to describe a divorce in such circumstances is toxic.

However, experienced legal counsel can provide the necessary support and guidance to ease the process. To avoid shouting matches, it might help to do everything in writing — texts, emails and messages between the lawyers. These can also serve as records to present in court, if necessary. A lawyer can also help with gathering financial paperwork needed for the calculation of alimony. A combative spouse may not be willing to just hand over tax returns and pay stubs.

It is not uncommon for a high-conflict spouse to use the children as weapons in a divorce, and it is advisable to end conversations as soon as one party tries to initiate arguments in the presence of the children. If a spouse’s controlling and annoying behavior becomes overbearing, the lawyer can assist in obtaining a restraining order. These orders are gender neutral and can be obtained by men or women.

Even though it might seem that the only option for such a divorce is litigation, there might be other options. Divorce mediation is a most cost-effective and less time-consuming process and is available for all divorcing couples. An experienced Kentucky divorce attorney may be able to arrange a divorce mediator who is experienced in handling high-conflict couples and guide the proceedings toward settlement agreements rather than ongoing battles in court.

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