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Are you and a former spouse hopelessly deadlocked over a divorce law issue that could impact you and your children for years?

Mediation of divorce law/divorce issues is the less stressful, less expensive alternative to litigation and other methods of dispute resolution.

Experienced Lexington lawyer Lisa L. Johnson can tell you more. Call our office at 859-255-0048 to learn how our experience can benefit you.

Seeking Positive Solutions Out Of Court

At the law firm of Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, your concerns and viewpoints are listened to carefully. We work hard to find common ground that could lead to an agreement — and set a tone of cooperation for future conversations.

Our founder uses her over 35 years experience to mediate your divorce dispute or represent you in mediation when consensus cannot be reached.

The cost of mediation is far less than the public, protracted method of working out differences in court. Mediation is conducted privately and gives you control over your future. You make the decisions instead of having to live with the decisions of a judge in family court. The outcome of these discussions can minimize the negative impact of divorce upon children as you embark on your new life.

When you are at odds with the spouse you are divorcing — over critical issues of child custody and parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance and complex division of property and assets — we urge you to give mediation a try. Resolutions reached through our lawyer’s mediation services have made a positive difference in the lives of roughly 90 percent of our clients.

Practical Solutions, Personal Service For Divorce Mediation

Learn about the many advantages of mediation during your initial consultation at our Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, law office in Lexington, Kentucky. We look forward to receiving your call at 859-255-0048. You can also contact us here.