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The Kentucky divorce law office to contact for sound advice and solid support when your marriage is ending is Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law.

Lisa L. Johnson brings over 35 years experience to the job of representing your rights when an uncontested, contested or high-asset divorce is your goal. As someone who works closely with you throughout the legal process, her personal and professional commitment to your unique legal needs is total — as is her dedication to “the best interests of the child” in any legal matter affecting the best interest of your child after a divorce.

To learn about your divorce options, contact the Kentucky law office of Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, at 859-255-0048. You can discuss your case in a comprehensive and discreet consultation with our lawyer.

Practical Solutions That Put Your Crisis Behind You — Personal Service That Makes You Feel Special

Lisa L. Johnson’s commitment to your interests, broad legal knowledge and attentive, one-on-one personal service can benefit you and your children:

  • When a party desires to settle an uncontested divorce.
  • When a contested divorce can be resolved out of court, negotiated or litigated to a satisfying conclusion. Roughly 90 percent of lawyer Lisa L. Johnson’s contested and high-asset divorce matters are mediated successfully, sparing loved ones the time-consuming, expensive, public nature of a contentious courtroom dispute.
  • When a dispute over appropriate levels of child custody and parenting time, child support, and alimony/maintenance delay the finalizing of your Kentucky divorce.
  • When a prenuptial agreement must be drafted or reviewed to preserve a client’s investments or protect ownership of significant assets and property.
  • When modifications to a divorce settlement agreement are necessary due to job loss or any sudden, substantial change in circumstance.

Additionally, Lisa L. Johnson can assist those pursuing a legal separation rather than severing all legal and financial ties with a divorce.

Call A Compassionate Ally For Your Divorce Process

All clients, regardless of need, receive attentive personal service and prompt recommendations when a question or crisis arises.

Learn more about how Lisa L. Johnson can guide you, or you and your children, into the future after a divorce. Call or email our Lexington law office to arrange an informative, confidential initial consultation. Our number is 859-255-0048.