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Post-divorce mediation can resolve disputes arising from judgment

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News

Many Kentucky couples have saved money and time by reaching settlement agreements out of court. Divorce mediation may have become the preferred option for couples who want to avoid courtrooms where one will typically be the loser. However, there is no guarantee that disputes will not arise in the years following a divorce — particularly if there are growing children to consider.

For that reason, divorced parents sometimes go back to the negotiating table for post-divorce mediation. The process will be no different from mediation to reach a divorce settlement. The participants will typically be two ex-spouses who have worked with a final divorce judgment’s specifications for some time. If circumstances change significantly that make the terms of the decree impractical, couples may struggle to agree on the necessary modifications.

Issues often arise when one parent remarries or relocates, requiring negotiation for new visitation or parenting schedules. Similarly, changing circumstances may necessitate peaceful discussions about child support or alimony, often requiring the guidance of a neutral mediator to keep both parties calm and focused on resolving issues rather than arguing. However, changes to any orders in the divorce decree will have to be authorized by the court.

The value of an experienced divorce lawyer should not be overlooked. Even though this is post-divorce mediation, the mediator may not provide legal advice. Having the guidance, support and valuable input of a divorce law attorney can be extremely helpful. The lawyer can also make sure the new agreements are fair and comprehensive, as well as in the best interests of the client, in order to avoid the Kentucky court questioning it.

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