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3 reasons mediation is important for high-asset divorces

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2017 | Firm News

You and your spouse decided it’s time to separate for good, but you know that if you don’t handle your property division correctly, you could end up with much less than you deserve. You don’t want to go through months or years of litigation and fighting in the courts, but you don’t know what else would work.

One good option may be to try mediation. If you and your spouse can discuss your assets, and how you’d like to divide them, calmly and respectfully, mediation is a good choice. If there is a disagreement, the mediator can give you information on how losing or gaining the asset affects each party. That way, misunderstandings of the law or misinterpretations of what would happen if you lost or gained an asset would be less likely to occur.

1. Confidentiality

Why choose mediation? The first reason is simple. It helps you come up with a confidential agreement. If you go to court over your property division disagreements, those records become public knowledge.

2. Quality

Another reason is that your settlement will be of better quality. It is an agreed upon settlement, which means both you and your spouse should feel comfortable with it, if not happy with it.

3. Speed

Finally, think about how fast you want to get your divorce settled. Do you want to wade through years of litigation? You probably would rather not. Instead, focus on coming to an agreement outside court, so you can finalize your separation agreement sooner. This saves you time and money, which should be a goal for most couples.

These are three ways you can benefit if you choose mediation. A good mediator makes a difference in how your case moves forward, and mediation could be a good option for you.