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Bird nesting may alleviate child custody and support stress

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Child Custody & Support, Firm News

It’s logical to assume that not many people think they will wind up in divorce court when they join hands in matrimony with the loves of their lives. The reality is, however, that many marital relationships encounter problems that cause damage that spouses consider irreparable. This type of situation often leads to divorce. For Kentucky couples who have children together, child custody and support issues may be extremely stressful; in recent times, many parents have found a way to eliminate such stress by agreeing to try a new form of co-parenting called bird nesting.

In a bird nesting situation, the children continue to live in the home they shared with both parents when their parents were still married. The only difference moving forward is that they will now only live with one parent at a time. The parents themselves will take turns living with their children on a rotating schedule.

Parents secure their own living arrangements for the times they do not live with their kids. This, of course, means an added expense for those who still owe on their marital home mortgages. It also means parents must devise a plan regarding mortgage payments (if debt remains) and how other financial matters, such as the utility bills and upkeep and maintenance costs will be handled.

Bird nesting definitely has its advantages, the biggest being that it allows children to stay put, thus reducing their stress in trying to adapt to a post divorce lifestyle, because they won’t have to move back and forth between parental homes. Co-parenting is not foolproof against legal obstacles, however, since any number of issues may arise that create disagreement between parents. By turning to an experienced Kentucky divorce law attorney for guidance, most child custody and support problems (regarding bird nesting or other parenting plans) can be amicably resolved.

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