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Do grandparents’ rights include face time with their grandkids?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | Firm News, Grandparents' Rights

Divorce is difficult on everyone, including extended family. Kentucky grandparents may have to fight for the right to have visitation with their grandkids. In some cases, exercising grandparents’ rights may involve some technological options.

As technology improves, so do the ways in which families can connect and communicate. Many parents are already including virtual visitation in their child custody agreements and parenting plans in order to provide each parent with a way to keep in touch with the children when they are not together. Could grandparents use these technologies as well?

Kentucky grandparents can get visitation rights, so it might not be difficult to imagine that this type of visitation would be an option as well. It should be noted that seeking virtual visitation rights is often a separate issue from being able to see the grandkids in person. This type of contact may also be awarded when grandparents do not live close enough to enjoy ample in person visitation.

One of the primary differences between unsupervised and in-person visitation and virtual visitation is privacy. Parents can listen in, especially when a child is too young to have unfettered access to a computer. Parents could also attempt to deny such visitation by claiming to have computer problems. This is one main reason why obtaining a court order may be wise.

Many grandparents played a crucial role in the children’s lives prior to the divorce, and they may be able to continue doing so thereafter. Virtual visitation is just one option that may keep those lines of communication open. Many parents are not aware that such a thing as grandparents’ rights even exists. If it’s not possible to come to an amicable agreement, Kentucky residents who want contact with their grandchildren may need to go to court to get it.

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