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Divorce mediation could help ease the trauma for children

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News

No matter how much Kentucky parents attempt to shield their children from the breakup of a marriage, it will affect them. Each child deals with the situation differently, but each also goes through some degree of trauma when their parents go their separate ways. Divorce mediation may help ease the inevitable transitions coming in the near future.

Taking the non-adversarial route — unlike going to court — can ease the stress they must feel during this emotionally charged time. It could also prevent each parent from consciously or unconsciously expecting the children to choose one parent over the other. Instead, working together to come to an agreement may help keep the best interests of the children at the forefront, which often means giving the children as much time with each parent as possible.

A more amicable approach to divorce may also limit the amount of negative talk that often accompanies contentious court battles. Regardless of how the parties may feel about each at this challenging time in their lives, the children more than likely still love each parent. Avoiding negative comments about each other and arguing in front of the children only makes matters worse for everyone.

The pressure of the divorce process can cause some Kentucky parents to lose sight of this fact, if only temporarily. Taking the time to mentally regroup and realign priorities could be the first step to easing the trepidation, anxiety and stress that often accompanies the end of a marriage and the changes the family undergoes. Agreeing to participate in divorce mediation can help get matters back on track and lead to a more satisfying final settlement.

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