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As divorce mediation gains popularity, you may have questions

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News

When the rate of couples ending their marriages hit its peak, many of them decided that the traditional, adversarial system no longer served their purposes. They began to look for and utilize less contentious methods that provided them with the opportunity to not only avoid costly courtroom battles, but also to create their own settlements that better fit their needs. One of these methods is divorce mediation, and if you face divorce here in Kentucky, you may need some questions answered before you agree to participate.

One of the primary differences between using mediation and going to court is that the mediator does not make your decisions for you. He or she provides you with alternatives for resolving your issues and helps keep you on track. The emotions involved in a divorce can easily get in the way of productive negotiations, so the mediator helps diffuse any confrontations, sometimes before they have a chance to begin.

You may need more than one session in order to come to an agreement, and the process takes as long as the two of you need. Mediation also tends to cost less since court involvement is at a minimum. Many individuals attend mediation sessions alongside their divorce counsel, which is completely appropriate. Once you reach a final agreement, it can be documented and presented to the court for approval.

In the end, this process should result in you walking away with an agreement that suits and satisfies your needs as you move into a new phase of your life. Before signing any agreement resulting from divorce mediation, it may be a good idea to have it reviewed by a Kentucky divorce law attorney to ensure that your rights remain protected. Even though this process encourages working together, you still need to protect your own interests.

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