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Kentucky grandparents’ rights of kids with divorced parents

On Behalf of | May 8, 2018 | Firm News, Grandparents' Rights

Divorce affects nearly everyone in the couple’s lives. If there are children involved, then the chances are strong that there are also grandparents going through an emotional time as well. Kentucky grandparents should know that when it comes to their grandchildren, they do have grandparents’ rights. Grandparents — both maternal and paternal — can ask for and get reasonable visitation rights to their grandkids should doing so become necessary.

In fact, grandparents can sue to get visitation rights to their grandchildren, even if the parents are together. Grandparents rights, in many instances, even survive the rights of a parent. The courts in Kentucky will always consider what is in the best interests of the children first and foremost. In doing so, they will look closely at the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren and if being involved with the grandparents is a positive for children’s emotional health.

The courts may also grant liberal visitation to grandparents when their own child — the parent of their grandchild(ren) — is deceased if they are financially supporting their grandchildren. They may be granted the same rights as noncustodial parents. Grandparents’ rights end if the kids are adopted unless those who are adopting them are stepparents and the parent of the child still has parental rights.

A Kentucky divorce law lawyer may be able to help grandparents who are seeking rights regarding seeing their grandchildren. A lawyer may be able to facilitate a mediation session between the grandparents and the parents. An attorney may be able to help his or her client seeking grandparents’ rights to prove that he or she has become a critical support source for the grandchildren especially when they’re facing major life upheavals.

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