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Could divorce mediation be the best option?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News

Kentucky couples no longer have to rely on traditional litigation in order to resolve their marital issues. In the past, judges decided how property would be divided, who would get custody of the children and how much support a spouse receives, if any. Now, the parties can use divorce mediation to create their own agreement.

One of the biggest advantages couples receive from this method of divorce is that they get to retain control over their futures. They can make agreements that the court may not because they are “outside the box” and scope of what the court can do. The process is ordinarily less stressful on everyone involved.

The parties participate in several sessions with a neutral third party called the mediator. He or she does not make the decisions or represent either party, but instead facilitates the meetings. Each party retains separate counsel to provide advice and legal options.

For Kentucky couples who want to work together amicably to resolve their issues, choosing mediation may be a good choice. Contentious couples may not believe it could work for them, but that may not necessarily be the case. If a couple can agree that privacy and retaining control over the outcome are priorities, it may work since the mediator could help keep the process on track.

Choosing divorce mediation could provide couples with a way through the divorce process that does not tear apart their families, especially when children are involved. This method is not a magic pill that makes everything okay. However, it does go a long way toward helping people start their new lives with financial security and a self-made plan for moving forward.