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Did Hulk Hogan defy his high asset divorce settlement?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Firm News

For anyone in Kentucky who is a fan of wrestling, Hulk Hogan may be a household name. After spending years in the spotlight, he and his ex-wife Linda reached a divorce settlement back in 2009. Now, the former Mrs. Hogan claims that her husband is in violation of their high asset divorce settlement.

Linda Bollea, which is the name she now goes by, claims that her ex-husband is hiding the fact that he receives money from seven different business interests. In the divorce settlement, Hogan agreed to pay her 40 percent of the revenue he receives, but Bollea says she is not getting what she deserves and that Hogan is hiding assets from her in order to avoid paying her in accordance with their settlement. Other provisions of the settlement awarded her approximately $3 million in property and around 70 percent of the couple’s liquid assets.

Bollea claims that she honored her part of the agreement and is disappointed that Hogan has not done the same. She goes on to say that she played an integral part in his career, so she deserves to receive the spoils of that career. There may be men and women here in Kentucky who can empathize with her position.

Many people help their spouses achieve the success they enjoy and end facing a high asset divorce. One of the dangers in these cases, whether during or after the divorce is finalized, is that the high-earning spouse may attempt to hide assets. If the other spouse has reason to suspect such activity, it may be a good idea to make full use of the legal resources available here in Lexington.