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Why might you need a paternity test for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Father's rights & paternity, Firm News

As a parent in Kentucky who is currently going through a divorce, you have to simultaneously handle matters of childcare and custody. Lisa L. Johnson, attorney at law, will help you look into paternity testing. This may be necessary for several reasons during the course of your divorce case.

What are some situations in which paternity testing can be useful, then? The first is if you believe that you’re the father of your child, but your ex-spouse is attempting to claim that you are not. If you cannot prove that you are the father, the court will not appoint you custody rights. You may not even get visitation rights, which makes establishing paternity essential.

Another situation is if your ex-spouse is trying to claim that you are the father of the child when you aren’t, because they wish to get child support payments from you. The courts will only impose child support payment orders on the biological father. If you can prove that that is not you, you won’t be obligated to pay.

In a reversed situation, paternity testing can also be important if you are the spouse making claims that someone is the father, but they deny it in order to avoid paying for child support.

If you’re dealing with divorce and wish to get a better idea of how to handle establishing paternity, you can take a look at our web page here on matters of paternity testing. You can also contact our experienced attorney here for help as you make your way forward in your case.