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What are signs your spouse is hiding assets?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Firm News, High-asset Divorce

Kentucky couples like you who are on the high earning side of the spectrum will have a lot to deal with during your divorce. High asset divorces can be tricky for multiple reasons, not limited to the fact that having so many assets to keep track of can make it easier for certain pieces to be hidden.

Trustify takes a look at 15 different signs that your partner might be hiding assets from you. Hiding assets is when someone isn’t reporting the full amount of the money they make because it would be added to their total net worth. That would therefore result in higher alimony payments, or having to give you a higher cut of their assets.

Signs that assets are being hidden usually include things you aren’t familiar with popping up more frequently, such as:

  • ATM receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card bills
  • Post office charges
  • Pay stubs

People hiding assets will also often get touchy if the subject is broached, and may act strangely or as if they have something to hide. In other cases, however, the spouse in question may not act as if anything is different at all. Instead, the clues will come from things like the aforementioned evidence or from other signs, like owing “debts” to relatives or friends. They may even be buying fancy items like cars of artwork in order to translate their assets into physical purchases.

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets to alter their total net worth, consider contacting an attorney for more information. This is a serious issue that can financially harm you if not addressed.