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Splitting up with your spouse on good terms

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Firm News, High-asset Divorce

When people think of the divorce process, many picture courtroom drama and intense bitterness. People may envision a great deal of hostility and a very time-consuming and costly process. However, divorce does not always have to be so tough and there are a number of techniques that can streamline the end of a couple’s marriage. For example, people who are on good terms with each other may have an easier time working through their divorce, which underlines the importance of trying to maintain a positive connection with your ex as you work through your divorce.

If you have kids, staying on good terms can be especially helpful. From child support payments to deciding how custody will be divided and taking turns with the kids, parents who are able to work together may not only have an easier time during and after their divorce, but the impact on their kids may be lessened as well. Moreover, even couples that do not have children can benefit from an amicable divorce. For example, some can work with a mediator to make the entire situation less complex and challenging.

However, not all couples have this opportunity. Some people, such as victims of domestic violence or those who are never able to see eye-to-eye with their former partner, inevitably face an uphill battle as they bring their marriage to an end. If you are facing these challenges, you should not give up hope. Rather, you should explore some of the other options that you may have.