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Fighting for your parental rights in the face of alienation

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2019 | Father's rights & paternity

After a breakup, some mothers may start engaging in psychological warfare to get back at fathers for a myriad of reasons. Kentucky fathers need to know that there are steps they can take to fight for a relationship with their children.

Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, is here with help and guidance through this difficult time. When your relationship with your children seems to start failing, you may not know what is happening. Parental alienation syndrome is a practice of brainwashing children to turn against the other parent. Recognizing the signs may assist in stopping it before it is too late.

Common signs of parental alienation 

If you suspect that your child is behaving differently than usual, you may not want to push that feeling away. Dads may dismiss some of the most common signs of parental alienation as moodiness, or they may not want to make a difficult situation worse by pushing a child. Watch out for the following signs that something is amiss:

  • Stop asking dad to come to events
  • A change in compliance from the child
  • Not included in school conferences by either the child or mother
  • Argumentative
  • The child believes he or she is worthy of unique gifts from the father

Ways a mother may sway her child

Aligning a child to her needs and sympathize with her plight is the significant way in which mother’s commit parental alienation. This may include making disparaging comments about the dad, giving too much detail about the separation and even lying to make the father look worse.

There is hope in the face of parental alienation. Through the court system and therapy, a father may repair the broken bond. For more information, check out our webpage.