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Custody and parenting time in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation

Custody generally refers to the ability to make decisions about one’s child. Custody does not mean anything about where that child resides or with which parent that child lives. In Kentucky, it is clear that there are two types of custody. The most common type of custody is sole custody. Another recently introduced type of custody is joint custody.

In a joint custody situation, both parents participate equally and are expected to each have input into the important decisions regarding the upbringing of their child or children. According to the Courier-Journal, those important decisions would include issues such as medical care, educational decisions and religious decisions concerning the child or the children.

Custody and parenting time or visitation are drastically different things. Custody is about decisions and the ability to make decisions only. Parenting time issues or visitation issues concern where the child or children reside and with which parent they are going to spend time with.

According to Custody Change, the issues of parenting time and the issues of visitation are important for a child and for most parents. If a child is primarily with one parent, that parent is probably going to be making most of the important decisions, at least on a day to day basis, about their child or about their children. Ultimately, the court is going to make a determination based on the best interest of the child.

So do not confuse issues of custody and parenting time. They are two distinct issues and concepts.  If you wish to pursue your custody case or your parenting time issues, you may wish to contact a lawyer.