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There are many reasons to have a paternity test

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2020 | Father's rights & paternity

Kentucky men may find they need to have a paternity test because of a court order. However, there are many reasons a potential father may want to have a paternity test done. Here are the most common reasons for having one. 

The DNA Diagnostics Center states that a court accepts a legal paternity test. To avoid tampering, the court requires the entire collection process supervised by a qualified witness that is independent and a third-party. This process includes everything from filling out the paperwork to placing the supervised samples into the mail. 

A father may want to establish citizenship for a child born to a foreign mother. The father may want custody rights and their name on the birth certificate when not married to the child’s mother. A mother may also want a paternity test in order to obtain child support from the child. An heir of an estate may need a paternity test to establish their inheritance rights or death benefits. 

Birth and Beyond Magazine recognizes some additional reasons to obtain a paternity test beyond the standard custody dispute. An adult may want one completed to learn more about their medical history based on family history. An adopted child may want one as an adult to learn more about where they originally come from. 

Parents disputing giving up their child for adoption may want a paternity test if there is a possibility the father maybe someone else. With many families created through non-traditional means, some adults simply want to know more about themselves and rely on these tests to provide some answers.