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How does a less than amicable divorce hurt your case?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | High-asset Divorce

Divorce can bring out the worst in people. It is not uncommon to face divorce and find yourself unable to think of one positive thing to say about your spouse. Your instincts may not be to fight every step of the way, but you may still want to dish out rude comments now and then to let go of some of your anger.

If you want an amicable divorce or if you want to settle the divorce with fair terms, then you may want to take the higher ground. Forbes reports that if you do not keep your stress in check during a divorce, it can be disadvantageous for you.

You may lose satisfactory custody arrangements

When the judge determines the custody arrangements, his or her main priority is the best interests of your child. You need to show that you put your child first and that you are going to think of his or her needs above your bitter feelings. To prove you are a good parent is to prove that you have sound decision-making skills. If you engage in arguments or if you alienate your children from their parent, this will reflect poorly.

You may lose your fair share of assets

When you are more amicable, you have more of a chance to negotiate better terms when it comes to splitting assets. If your behavior or confrontation damages your spouse’s image in any way, then you may have a negative impact on his or her income. When this happens, you hurt his or her earning potential and hence lose the opportunity to receive your fair share of your assets and wealth.