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Co-parenting after divorce: challenging but rewarding

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation

Even though divorce ends your marriage to your ex-spouse, it does not necessarily end your relationship. Rather, your relationship usually changes. If you have children together, you go from being spouses to co-parents.

Even when you understand the importance of co-parenting, we know that it can be an intimidating prospect. Best Life explains some of the co-parenting challenges you may face as well as the potential benefits to you and your children.


Dividing up parenting duties can be more difficult when co-parenting with your ex-spouse than it was when you were a couple. Physical distance is part of the issue. However, cooperation can also become more difficult, and that can take an emotional toll.

When your children divide their time between each parent’s home, they need a whole new set of essentials to adequately equip each location. This means large items such as beds and linens, but it also means small items, such as toothbrushes or toys. Some of these expenditures may seem unnecessary at first, but they help prevent essential items from getting lost in transit between the two homes. It also helps to provide a sense of normalcy for the children during the initial upheaval of the divorce.


Depending on custody and parenting time arrangements, you likely spend less time with your children than you did before the divorce. However, you can make up in quality what you lack in quantity. When your children are with the other parent, you have time to take care of errands and other obligations. This means that you can focus more of your attention on your children when they are with you and develop a deeper relationship.