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Protect yourself if you’re divorcing a narcissist

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Property Division

Being married to a person who is narcissistic means that you’ll constantly have to deal with a roller coaster of emotions. For some individuals, this will lead to them deciding to divorce the narcissist. While the divorce might seem like an answer to their prayers, there are some challenges that are very likely going to occur because of the narcissistic state of mind.

A narcissist isn’t going to make the divorce easy unless they’re the one who wants it to happen. They aren’t going to let you have your way on anything. They aren’t going to be willing to compromise on any point. This means that you’ll likely have to go through the more time-consuming and costly divorce trial instead of being able to use mediation to come up with the divorce terms.

As you go through the process, remember that a narcissist thrives off of control. When they see that they’re affecting your emotions, they’ll feel more powerful. One option that you have to combat this is to require that all communication goes through your attorney. Your ex won’t be able to see your reaction to your antics when your lawyer is the one who’s getting the information.

It’s a good idea to keep clear documentation of everything that happens related to the divorce. A narcissist lives in their own world and will twist the truth to fit their own alternate reality. This is when things like receipts for payments you made and documentation of communication will come in handy.

Your attorney is going to have to fight for your best interests throughout the divorce process. Be sure that you make it clear what goals you have for the case and let them know what common tactics you’ve noticed your ex use.