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Can you inherit your odds of divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Divorce Mediation

If you’re wondering if you and your spouse will get divorced, you may be considering all sorts of important questions to see if you can calculate your odds. How old were you when you got married, for instance? We know that young marriages lead to divorce more often. Does your family have financial stress? Money is one of the most common things cited for arguments and divorce. 

One thing to remember is that it’s not all on you. The truth is that you can actually inherit your odds of divorce from your parents. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you inherit any physical trait. What it means is that, if your parents got divorced, the odds are simply higher that you’ll do the same thing. We learn a lot from our parents. Experts believe that — though this has been happening less often in the modern era than it used to — we also learn about marriage and divorce. 

Why this happens is a bit unclear and likely different for everyone. Do you just follow the examples that are set for you? Do you see divorce as more common than someone whose parents stayed together? Do you just assume you’ll split up at some point? 

Some have spoken out against this idea. They claim that divorce is less likely because they learned from their parents’ mistakes. That’s true for some, but not everyone mirrors this claim. 

The one thing that we know for sure is that you need to know your legal options if you do end up getting divorced. You can’t always predict it, but you can plan for it when the future becomes clear.