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Helping children cope with the upheaval caused by divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Child Custody & Visitation

Children often struggle when their parents divorce. They may feel anxious, sad, overwhelmed, angry or guilty because they think they are somehow to blame. Fortunately, there are constructive ways to ensure that children survive a divorce with as little disruption and as much stability as possible.

  • Parents should talk to their children about what is happening in a candid, age-appropriate manner. Emphasize the fact that they will always be loved by their mother and father even though both of them will no longer live in the same household.
  • Be clear when telling children about custody and visitation arrangements. A visual aid such as a calendar could be useful for describing when the children will be with each parent and for how long.
  • Let the children know that it’s completely understandable to be experiencing fear, worry and other strong emotions. Tell them not to be reluctant to admit what they are going through.
  • Sometimes youngsters believe they are responsible when their parents split up. Make sure the children realize that the divorce is absolutely not their fault.
  • Parents should not make negative remarks about each other to their children.
  • Let the children know beforehand that one of their parents will be moving out of the family home so it does not come as a surprise.
  • A family therapist can assist when children need to sort out their feelings about their parents’ divorce with an objective listener.
  • Children may temporarily act out because they are so unsettled by this dramatic change in their lives. Be patient and empathetic while they adjust to their new family situation.

An experienced divorce attorney can provide information about child custody issues in Kentucky. Knowing about options helps everyone in families affected by divorce to accept the circumstances and successfully move forward.