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Warning signs that your marriage may be headed for divorce

| Jun 3, 2021 | Divorce Mediation

Not every little issue you run into in your marriage means that you’re going to get divorced. Couples have rough patches and work through them.

With that said, you can see many different warning signs indicating that you are heading toward a divorce. It’s beneficial to look for these signs because even if you still do get divorced, you can begin planning for it in advance. Early preparation helps you get the results that you want.

Common signs people see

With that in mind, here are some of the most common red flags that people notice before they divorce:

  • You know the marriage has problems but your spouse won’t go to counseling. Have they already made up their mind?
  • You feel like your spouse actually has contempt for you when the two of you disagree. It’s a personal issue, not a difference of opinion.
  • You stop spending time together and find excuses to avoid interacting with each other, e.g., working late or spending more time with friends.
  • Your spouse is endlessly critical. It feels like you can’t make even the smallest decision without them telling you that you’re wrong.
  • You start to become apathetic about the issues you have with each other. When it feels like it no longer matters, it could be that one or both of you are ready to end the relationship.

If you do recognize these red flags, even if you’re not sure where you will wind up post-divorce, it may be time to start looking into all of your legal options. Gather the documents you need for a divorce and take  steps to prepare yourself for that potential future.