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You and your ex have clashing approaches to raising the kids

| Oct 14, 2021 | Child Custody & Visitation

As you cautiously navigate the days, weeks and months following your Kentucky divorce, there is one topic that you and your former spouse may never quite see eye to eye on – parenting the kids. 

If the two of you were markedly unalike while you were married when it came to discipline, then that difference in your parenting styles may be even more evident now. This issue might even have been one of the key factors that compelled you two to split up for good.

The big concern is that post-divorce, the children are going to be spending time in each household. Switching from one parent who is tougher than a drill sergeant to the other who is a total pushover will make it hard for the kids to maintain a healthy balance. It could even unintentionally encourage them to gravitate to one of you rather than the other.

Getting all this ironed out at the beginning of your family’s journey on a brand new path is extremely important for your kids’ development, stability and emotional well-being. Some thoughts from experts can help you two exes cope better.

Basics for successful co-parenting

Your parenting style may require an overhaul, so get going on it right away.

  • Voice appreciation whenever you can about the things you believe your ex is handling effectively regarding the kids.
  • Objectively evaluate your ex’s parenting techniques. Adopt the ones that might work for you.
  • When rearing your own kids, don’t reflexively mirror the way your folks brought you up. Their way may not have been the best or most appropriate way.
  • Peruse new sources for sound parenting advice, such as books, websites or classes.

Don’t get mired in past battles and divisiveness. Children of any age deserve an upbringing that is free to the greatest degree possible from parental strife. If things get dicey and there are conflicts with your former spouse that you simply cannot resolve, you may want to seek outside assistance.