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Are you dealing with your first post-divorce Father’s Day?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | Father's rights & paternity

If this is the first Father’s Day since you and your co-parent split up, you may find it a lot more difficult than you anticipated. It’s important to manage your expectations. 

Maybe you’re able to have your kids with you on Father’s Day weekend because you and your spouse planned for Mother’s and Father’s Day in your custody agreement. Maybe your co-parent is agreeable to letting the kids be with you even if it’s not codified. How you dealt with Mother’s Day may have an effect on their generosity.

Make it about your kids

Let your kids set the tone for this Father’s Day. Do they even want to do something special? If so, and you can see them over the weekend, that’s fine. 

If you have them on Father’s Day weekend, but they’re not old enough to get you a card or gift on their own and your co-parent didn’t help them, let it go. Enjoy your time with them.

What if you can’t see your kids on Father’s Day?

If your kids are upset that they can’t be with you on Father’s Day, celebrate the holiday whenever you can be together next. Most divorced parents have to adjust to not always having their kids on every holiday. Having celebrations early or late can be just as enjoyable.

One way you can make things easier for yourself and relieve your kids of any guilt they might feel is to do something you enjoy. What other men in your family are fathers? Celebrate with them. You can also just spend time with friends or do something you enjoy.

If it’s important for you to spend next Father’s Day with your kids, you can work to add these parental holidays to your custody agreement. With legal guidance, you have a better chance of getting the parenting time with your kids you deserve.