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Handling your child’s horse in divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Property Division

If there is one thing that Lexington is known for, it’s horses. You and your spouse got your child a horse to join equestrian clubs early in life, and you have invested significant time and money into the pet and the activities your child does. It makes total sense that you may be questioning what to do now that you’re planning to get a divorce.

The horse itself has been a successful winner of several trophies, and you expect that your child will continue using their steed for several more years before it can be retired. Problematically, you and the other parent want to move and relocate, which could affect the animal and your child’s ability to practice riding as much as normal.

Handling equestrian studies during your divorce

One of the things you can do to manage this situation is look at your child’s extracurricular activities and how often they participate in them. If they’re working with their horse daily, it would make sense to house the horse at your new home in a new stable, or, if you cannot do that, rent a stable in a barn that can help take care of the horse on the days when your child will not be available to do so.

It can be helpful to bring up your child’s studies as a part of your parenting and custody plans, too. You will want to determine if you and the other parent are in agreement on continuing lessons or taking care of an expensive animal, because this is a costly activity.

If one of you does not agree or the financial support is not there to continue, you may have to look into alternative options, like selling or rehoming the horse, and discussing this with your child in advance of the divorce.

You deserve support while going through a divorce

It can be frustrating to deal with big changes during divorce, but it is possible to get through this situation and figure out a solution. Whether you house the horse yourself or end up selling it, you need to have a discussion to figure out the right decision.