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3 factors that may affect your co-parenting

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Child Custody & Support

When children are involved in a divorce, discussions change – parents make every decision in their best interest. If you and your spouse choose co-parenting, your kids will spend time with both of you on a determined schedule. 

Sharing custody has numerous benefits but can pose challenges if some aspects are not considered. Here are three factors that may affect your co-parenting:


For co-parenting to be successful, parents should communicate. You don’t need to talk every day, but you should keep each other updated on issues related to the kids. It will help to agree on a communication method to use and when it’s necessary to reach out. 

You could also agree on how to contact each other in emergencies.  Having clear boundaries on communication ensures vital information is passed and each party has space and time to build their new life.

Changes in plans

Undoubtedly, things may come up, affecting your parenting plan. For example, you may have a work event out of town when you are supposed to have the kids, or the other parent may be busy, making you stay with them longer. When such changes happen, you should communicate sooner. 

Let the other parent know you won’t be available on a particular day(s) and understand when they are busy. If your schedules keep clashing with the parenting plan, consider getting professional help to modify it.

Decision making

Making joint decisions concerning the kids is key to successful co-parenting. It can be challenging when a party makes crucial decisions, like transferring schools, relocating or medical choices, without talking with the other parent.

The above-discussed factors can determine the direction of your co-parenting. With legal guidance, you could make a parenting plan that will work for your family.