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December 2017 Archives

3 reasons mediation is important for high-asset divorces

You and your spouse decided it's time to separate for good, but you know that if you don't handle your property division correctly, you could end up with much less than you deserve. You don't want to go through months or years of litigation and fighting in the courts, but you don't know what else would work.

Kentucky proposes child support law reform

Proposed changes to current law may keep some offenders out of jail. Kentucky parents who are behind in their child support payments will have another chance to make it good before being sent to overcrowded state prisons, under the potential change. The change is somewhat contentious and has vocal supporters and detractors.

Bird nesting may alleviate child custody and support stress

It's logical to assume that not many people think they will wind up in divorce court when they join hands in matrimony with the loves of their lives. The reality is, however, that many marital relationships encounter problems that cause damage that spouses consider irreparable. This type of situation often leads to divorce. For Kentucky couples who have children together, child custody and support issues may be extremely stressful; in recent times, many parents have found a way to eliminate such stress by agreeing to try a new form of co-parenting called bird nesting.

Social Security benefits can be lost to child support arrears

Social Security is a financial lifeline that is indispensable to millions of people nationwide, including in Kentucky. It typically forms a significant part of the monthly incomes of countless retirees. Although this may be a guaranteed source of income, it is not untouchable. Individuals who default on federal student loans, federal income tax, alimony and child support may result in Social Security benefits being garnished.

Property division of commingled assets can be a complex process

When a Kentucky resident enters into marriage with already accumulated assets, he or she may be smart to protect those assets from the start. The only way to ensure that an asset such as a house does not form part of the property division process in the unfortunate event of a divorce will be to prevent the other spouse from investing any finances into the home. The court's authority over assets includes only those that were gathered during the marriage -- along with pre-marital assets that were later commingled.