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Staying in your daughter’s life increases her prospects

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody battles can be intense. It is no surprise that some loving fathers have decided the best way to help their daughter is by disappearing from their lives and leaving them in peace.

Having continually battling parents is not healthy for any young Kentucky girl but neither is losing her father. She will be unable to fathom why someone who loves her would leave her and probably thinks she did something wrong to make you go.

You may not have been a perfect father. You may think your daughter is in much better hands with their mother, yet it is still vital that you remain in your daughter’s life. Recent research from Wake Forest University suggests the strength of a father-daughter relationship affects a girl’s future in several ways:

  • Less dating trouble: Knowing your father loves you is crucial to a girl. If she feels unloved, she is more likely to seek the missing affection from unsuitable people.
  • Fewer mental health problems: Things often go wrong when girls go out with their dad. They may get lost, run out of petrol and get home late, all on the same day. Yet despite all this, they have a good time. It can be instrumental in teaching girls that life does go wrong frequently, and that it is okay to be less than perfect.
  • Better financial prospects: The study found a girl who retains a strong relationship with her father gets better grades, leading to better job prospects.

Thanks to a new law passed in 2018, Kentucky fathers are assumed to have an equal right to custody and parenting time. It is the basis from which all negotiations must begin. If you are having trouble reaching a child custody agreement with your spouse, seek legal help. Your daughter needs you in her life.