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Helping Fathers Pursue The Most Favorable Custody Agreements

Fathers have an important role in the lives of their children. Kentucky attorney Lisa L. Johnson has always believed this and been a strong advocate for fathers’ rights. In fact, she has assisted fathers with divorce law and custody issues for over 35 years.

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How Will The New Child Custody Law Affect You?

Recent research has now proven that children raised by single parents have a substantially higher rate of substance abuse and behavioral issues than children where both parents are actively involved in parenting. The report also concluded that the rate of high school dropouts was higher for children raised by single parents than for children raised by both parents.

Governor reacted strongly to this report by stating the importance of having both parents be active in the child’s life, stressing the importance of the active role and presence of the father in raising children of divorce.

Dads And The New Child Custody Law: HB 528

As a result, the governor passed a new law in April of 2018, House Bill 528, so that custody talks during divorce would use shared custody/joint custody and equal parenting time as the starting point in any custody negotiations, rather than something fathers would rarely achieve. The new bill took effect in April of 2018. After the starting point, the judge can still apply changes in favor of more time with one parent or the other based on factors specific to each case and parental situation.

With the new law in place, a presumption of shared custody and equal parenting time is now where custody discussions begin. Though this new law is now in place, application of the law could vary from county to county. You will want a strong advocate on your side when the judge hears arguments for any changes to the shared parenting agreement. You will also want an experienced lawyer who understands how judges and outcomes vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Get Experienced Help Pursuing Your Custody Rights

To protect your rights as a father, contact attorney Lisa L. Johnson. She can explain the new law and how it can work best in your favor. Her experience over the last three decades means she knows the counties and divorce law judges. She can work with you to protect your relationship with your children and seek the most favorable outcome to your custody case.

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