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How does Kentucky enforce a parent’s child support obligations?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Child Custody & Support

The United States has worked hard in recent decades to enforce parental child support obligations. Lawmakers in the nation understand that children need financial support from both parents to remain healthy and happy. As such, each state utilizes several methods of collecting child support from delinquent parents.

Even when custodial parents feel that they can manage without help from noncustodial parents, the state will seek to enforce child support. In other words, it is not up to either parent to decide when or if child support is paid. In the eyes of the law, both parents must contribute to a child’s financial needs.

Examples of Kentucky’s enforcement methods

The state’s child support enforcement office uses one or more methods to collect payment. Parents obligated to pay can expect enforcement after falling only one month behind on their obligation.

  • Withholding of the parent’s unemployment benefits
  • Intercepting the parent’s tax refunds
  • Taking funds from the parent’s bank accounts
  • Placing liens against the parent’s property
  • Removing the parent’s passport rights
  • Revoking the parent’s driving privileges
  • Revoking the parent’s professional licenses
  • Mandating court appearances and jail time

As you can see, the state of Kentucky takes an aggressive approach to child support to ensure the child has adequate means to thrive.

Divorce law services to address child support

If the state’s efforts fail, leaving custodial parents bereft of support funds, it may be time to speak with an attorney. Occasionally, some cases fall through the cracks despite the best efforts of authorities. When this occurs, a law professional may offer other solutions or guide the custodial parent in his or her efforts to acquire assistance from the office of child support enforcement.