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Lexington Child Support Lawyer

If you are concerned or have questions about your child support obligation in advance of a Kentucky divorce, or if you feel you are receiving too little or paying too much child support, the input of a skilled divorce law professional could go a long way to charting a clear course for your future.

Experienced Lexington child support lawyer Lisa L. Johnson listens closely to your child support goals and educates you about income-based Kentucky support calculations and guidelines.

Learn more about your potential child support obligations by calling our Lexington office at 859-255-0048.

Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney At Law — Practical Solutions, Personal Service

Our lawyer Lisa L. Johnson believes deeply in “the best interest of the child” in all support, custody and parenting time matters.

She is also dedicated to providing maximum availability to answer your questions and promptly address your concerns throughout the legal process. Whether you are pursuing a private paternity case to establish parental rights and pay child support, seeking a modification of child support responsibilities due to job loss, or need an enforcement of your divorce settlement agreement to compel a former spouse to cooperate when obligations go unfulfilled, she can help.

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You can benefit from this skilled, compassionate divorce lawyer’s over 35 years experience, starting today, by calling or emailing our Lexington law office to arrange an initial consultation. Reach us by phone at 859-255-0048.