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Can an unmarried father get visitation rights?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2024 | Father's rights & paternity

Fathers, regardless of their marital status, have the right to be involved in their children’s lives. In Kentucky, unmarried fathers can seek visitation rights to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children.

Establishing paternity in Kentucky

Unmarried fathers do not have automatic legal rights to the child, but once you establish paternity and are legally recognized as the child’s father, you can seek visitation rights.

  • File a petition: Submit a petition for visitation rights in the county’s family court where the child resides.
  • Attend mediation: Many courts require mediation to resolve disputes. This process helps parents agree on a visitation schedule.
  • Court hearing: If mediation fails, the court will schedule a hearing to determine visitation rights. The judge will consider the child’s best interests.
  • Follow the court order: Once the court grants visitation rights, ensure you adhere to the schedule and terms set by the court.

Securing visitation rights allows unmarried fathers to build and maintain a bond with their children. The process ensures that fathers can participate in their children’s lives and contribute positively to their upbringing.

What happens if the mother refuses visitation rights?

When a mother refuses to let the child see you, the father, you can file for a motion. Ensure you keep a detailed record of all instances where the mother denied your visit. Attempt to resolve the issue through open communication or mediation. If the issue persists, file a motion with the court to enforce the visitation order.

Unmarried fathers in Kentucky have the right to seek custody and visitation to stay involved in their children’s lives. If you face challenges or need assistance, you may want to contact legal professionals who can protect your rights as a father and provide guidance and support.