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Is Your Spouse Hiding Marital Assets?

Divorce requires the equitable division of all marital property, but in order to do this fairly, both spouses have to fully disclose all financial information and property. Property division can be complex, especially if you believe your spouse is trying to hide assets from you.

Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, understands the complexity of navigating property division matters, especially when hidden assets are involved. We employ the services of financial professionals in finding hidden assets and place a proper value on marital property that your spouse may refuse to disclose. With over 35 years experience, Kentucky lawyer Lisa L. Johnson is the effective legal advocate you deserve.

Hidden assets do not have to derail your divorce. Contact Lisa L. Johnson, Attorney at Law, at 859-255-0048 to speak with our experienced lawyer about your concerns.

Fighting For Your Fair Share Of Marital Property

When you retain our services, you will have the benefit of our experience and detail-minded investigative procedures in complex property division matters. Our first step will be to carefully and thoroughly evaluate your case, determining if there may be missing assets or hidden bank accounts.

We use certified public accountants and forensic accountants to find these assets, allowing us to have an understanding of the true value of the marital estate. Through demands for documents, investigations and other procedures, we will track down the information we need to secure a fair share of marital property on your behalf. Common hidden assets often include bitcoins, recreational vehicles, second cars, stocks and savings accounts.

When Your Financial Future Is At Stake, Experience Matters

Hidden assets are a particularly complex property division concern, and they can impact your long-term security. Lisa L. Johnson’s over 35 years experience and commitment to client success uniquely qualifies her to serve as your ally and advocate during your divorce.

Contact our Lexington law office at 859-255-0048 or here to discuss the possibility of hidden assets and what you can do about it.